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Citation / Referencing Guide: FAQ


Q: How can you cite a source that you found in another source using APA style?

A : A good written paper reflects your own analysis and interpretations of sources you have read instead of collation of claims, analysis and interpretations of the work done by others. In situation where it was not possible ....

Q: How do you check and de-duplicate citations entries using Mendeley?

A : Mendeley can serve as a quick tool for you to keep track of many results from your different searches and to merge same citations as one. This is especially useful for students needing to complete your PRISMA flow diagram, ....

Q: How do I install referencing styles in Mendeley?

A : By default, Mendeley provides most of the commonly used referencing styles in Mendeley desktop. If you are not able to find the referencing style you required, follow these steps ....

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