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Citation / Referencing Guide: Mendeley

Setting up Mendeley Reference Manager

Step 1: Create an account

Go to and click on the image:

Step 2: Download Mendeley Desktop for Windows

Click on the image to start the download:

Mendeley Desktop is also available for


Mendeley Desktop is now installed.


PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer within Mendeley Desktop allows users to highlight, annotate and makes notes while reading an article.

Managing References

With Citation Plugin, you can cite and insert bibliographies easily in Microsoft Word.

To install the Plugin:

  • Click "Tools" on the menu bar in Mendeley Desktop
  • Select "Install MS Word Plugin"

The citation bar appears in Word automatically after the installation:


You can start using your citation plugin.


  • DO NOT EDIT the references in your Word Document. Go to your Mendeley Desktop or Web to edit the references.
  • With Mendeley, you can share your documents with your colleagues, who will then be able to add their own works and provide citations to the same documents.

Web Importer allows you to import citation information and PDF articles into your Mendeley library from external databases.

To install Web Importer, follow the steps outlined here.

Newly imported articles will appear under the "Recently Added" section in Mendeley Desktop.

Q: I can't find the toolbar of Mendeley in Microsoft Word, after it is installed.

A:  We recommend you to upgrade your Microsoft Office to the latest version by downloading it from your SIT student portal. After that, uninstall Mendeley Word plugin, reboot your MAC and reinstal it again.

If it still not appear, you can open a Word Document, use the top menu: Tools -> Templates and Add-ins Make sure Mendeley plugin is checked.


Q: The font size of the tool bar on top of the Mendeley desktop is too small to read. 

A: If you are running Mendeley Windows version in an VM in your MAC system, you may encounter this issue. 

For Windows 7/8.1: right click on Windows Desktop > Screen resolution > Make text or other items larger or smaller > set 100% scaling and hit Apply & Sign Off.

For Windows 10: right click on Windows Desktop > Displays settings > set 100% scaling and hit Apply.


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What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF reader that allows users to manage, read, annotate and cite research papers.

It is also an academic collaboration network that enables collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers.

Mendeley Web

My Library on the Web replicates your Mendeley Desktop Library, thus allowing you to manage your documents online. Do remember to Sync your Mendeley Desktop to ensure you contents are up-to-date.


Collaborate and share knowledge with others by joining or creating new groups.

Find out more about Mendeley Groups here.