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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Access to the following 10 journals and the entire Legacy Archive Collection published by the American Chemical Society.
- Analytical Chemistry
- ACS Synthetic Biology
- C&EN
- Energy & Fuels
- Environmental Science & Technology
- Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
- Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
- Journal of Chemical Education
- Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
- Journal of the American Chemical Society
It provides access to more than 30,000 ebook titles, 5,000 continually updated videos, case studies, assessments, learning paths and other tools that enable students to build knowledge and learn critical skills.
It provides access to more than 1,000 peer-reviewed journals panning the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology, and Medicine. Online access goes back to 1999, where available.
Web of Science consists of Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, and Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

It is a curated collection of over 20,000 peer-reviewed, scholarly journals published worldwide (including Open Access journals) in over 250 science, social sciences, and humanities disciplines. Conference proceedings and Journal Citation Report are also accessible.

The followings are the Time Span for the collection:
• Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1985 - present)
• Science Citation Index (1985 - present)
• Social Sciences Citation Index (1985 - present)
• Proceedings Citation Index (1990 - Present)