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Academic Staff Resources

This guide serves as a one-stop place to resources and library services for Faculty and Professional Officers

Copyright Basics

This video talks about the use of materials for teaching pertaining to Copyright in US. Like in US, Singapore's Copyright Act protects the creator's rights to their works. Instead of fair use, Singapore's Copyright Act uses Fair Dealing. It serves to give a basic overview on Copyright for teaching.

Copyright Licensing and Administration Society of Singapore (CLASS)

Copyright Licensing and Administration Society of Singapore (CLASS) deals with copyright licensing. The University has a copyright licence from CLASS, to allow the institution to photocopy copyright works legally within the limits as stated in the CLASS Licence. The limits are

  • up to 10% of a work or one chapter (whichever is the greater) of anything in print.
  • one whole article (e.g. from a journal, newspaper or magazine) or more than one article if it relates to the same subject matter.

You may contact CLASS on +65-6223-5521 or email for more information.

For publishers or authors not covered under CLASS, please seek permission from Authors and Publishers directly.

Quick Links

Please fill and submit these forms monthly to the Academic Programmes Admin (AP Admin) if you distribute copies of materials covered under CLASS

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