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Evidence Based Practice

What is EBP?

Use this Library Guide to find out more about Evidence Based Practice (EBP) which is a clinical decision-making framework that encourages the integration of information from quantitative and qualitative research with clinical expertise and the client's background, preferences and values when making decisions. (Sackett, Richardson, Rosenberg, & Haynes, 1997).


EBP equals


In other words, EBP suggests that it may not be such a good idea to blindly follow commonly accepted practices in healthcare. How many women could have been saved from "childbed fever", for example, if the medical fraternity at the time had used this framework and listened to Ignaz Semmelweis?

five steps in EBP


According to Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt (2015, p. 10), there is a 6th step 

"Disseminate the outcomes of the EBP decision or change"

This step will not be covered in this Library guide. 

Books on EBP

Practitioner's Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice

This book gives essential and practical guidance on how to integrate research appraisal into evidence-based practice endeavors to ensure the best client care. Including various research designs and methods.

Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare

A wonderfully easy-to-follow text which manages to combine practical procedures with clear explanations of the underlying concepts. The third edition of this book incorporates recent developments in nursing research, with updates to every chapter.

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare

Written in a friendly, conversational style, this textbook covers all the steps students need to make evidence-based practice a part of their clinical decision-making and everyday nursing practice. Including real-world examples and meaningful strategies in every chapter. 

Reflective Practice in Nursing

An indispensable guide for students and practitioners alike who wish to learn more about reflective practice, as well as containing essential information for teachers and lecturers.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses

This book provides vivid and realistic stories of nurses' journeys in the implementation of evidence based practice, including both challenges and successes.

Quantitative Health Research Methods

This book is a detailed and comprehensive guide to undertaking quantitative health research at postgraduate and professional level. It takes you through the entire research process, from designing the project to presenting the results and will help you execute high quality quantitative research that improves and informs clinical practice. 

Research Methods in Health

This book introduces students to qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research methods, and demonstrates the relevance of research to health care practice. The text assumes no prior knowledge and shows novice researchers how and when to apply the most appropriate research methodology. 

Nursing Research

Answers all your questions on the nursing research process. It gives you the knowledge you need to understand nursing research, evidence-based practice and critical appraisal so you can complete your own project and excel in your studies.

HARD COPY: Course Reserves RT81.5 Mou 2014

How to Read a Paper

An ideal introduction to evidence-based medicine, this book explains what to look for in different types of papers and how best to evaluate the literature and then implement the findings in an evidence-based, patient-centred way. 

Evidence-Based Practice in Infant and Early Childhood Psychology

An authoritative guide to evidence-based treatment of infants and young children, this is the first handbook of its kind to consider the complete psychological needs of infants and young children, from birth to early childhood. 

Developing and Delivering Practice-Based Evidence

Promotes a range of methodological approaches to complement traditional evidence-based practice in the field of psychological therapies. Includes contributions from UK and US scientist-practitioners who are leaders in their field.

A Beginner's Guide to Evidence-Based Practice in Health and Social Care

Have you heard of 'evidence based practice' but don't know what it means? Are you having trouble relating evidence to your practice? This is the book for anyone who has ever wondered what evidence based practice is or how to relate it to practice. 

Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy

Outlines the basic definitions of evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning, while detailing how to find and critically appraise evidence and clinical practice guidelines and the steps to follow in the implementation and evaluation of evidence.