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Library Facilities & Equipment

A guide on how to book and use facilities and equipment at the Library

Prior To Usage

Where to Find?
Available on SIT@Dover campus.

Bookable for use in Available for use in
Library - USC DR 3A
AP DR 3M, 3N, 3P, 3Q, 3R
Library Reading Area

What exactly can you do with a Samsung Flip?

  1. Use it as a whiteboard / blackboard for group discussion or plain doodling
  2. Project your mobile phone (android only) or laptop
  3. Annotate your powerpoint slides







  1. Turn on the screen on gently.
  2. Use Library provided "Pen" only and put back the "Pen" after use. Approach Staff if you can’t locate the Pen or need more pens.
  3. Always export your works to a thumb drive and delete your works from Flip’s memory after use. Saved works will be deleted from Flip on a daily basis.
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  1. Do not move the Flip out of the Library.
  2. Do not use OTHER FORM of Writing tools on Flip. Eg. Pencil, Crayon, Markers (except provided by Library).



How To Use The E-Board

Samsung Flip -  A Samsung Flip is a digital interactive whiteboard / Flipchart for group sharing and making of notations within a variety of content files.

Features overview

How To Turn It On Or Off? 

Press and hold the power button on the bottom right side of the screen to turn it on, do the same to turn it off.

1. Draw with your friends! (Multiple Touch) 

You just need enough pens. UP to 4 People can draw on the board at the SAME TIME! Just make sure that there is enough space between pens when drawing. 

2. Use anything to draw! 

You can draw on the whiteboard with the supplied pen or you can use ANY cylindrical object with a thicker end and a thinner end. Even a chopstick will do the job! 

3. Pen and Highlighter functions

Use the thin end of the pen for the PEN function and the thicker end for the HIGHLIGHTER function. 

4. Erase easily

Use a finger or hand and wipe away the area you wish to erase.

5. Undo and Redo Function

Use the Undo or Redo function at the center bottom of the screen to return it back to the last edited


6. Change the orientation 
Rotate the board to get your work into landscape or portrait

1. Change Pen Thickness

i. Tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the bottom center of the screen



ii. Tap on the GEAR icon 

iii. Tap on the Pen & Highlighter Thickness 

2. Change Color Of Pen and Highlighter

i. Touch and hold the screen with either the thinner part of the pen for PEN or the thicker part of the pen for HIGHLIGHTER.
ii. The color palette will appear. Select the color you want the pen to output. 

3. Change Color Of The Board

The default color of the board is white but it can be changed to black

i. Tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the bottom center of the screen

ii. Select “Blackboard” in the list that appears above it. (Repeat Steps To Change It Into A Whiteboard)  

a. Scroll Across The "Page Break" Line For A New Page

Touch the dotted line at the end of the page and drag to the left to move to the next page. 
Drag to the right to go back to the pervious page.

b. Create A New Page 

i. Tap on the page icon at the center bottom of the screen

ii. Tap on the “+” icon at the end of the new page. 


Connect Your Mobile Phones (Currently Support only Android phones)

Screen Mirroring Application
i. Activate Smart View or Screen Mirroring on your device 
ii. Select Flip on your device
iii. Enable Flip to access your device

NFC Tagging 
i. Sync device directly through NFC

Connect Your PC 

Wired Connection 
i. Plug In HDMI & Touch Out Cables (USB) 
ii. Establish Laptop as a recognizable device 

Wireless Connection 
i. Connect through Action Center or Devices Tabs 
ii. Select Flip on device list
iii. Activate connection on flip

How to Export and Import from USB thumb drive?

To Export Your Files, You simply need 2 steps. 

STEP 1: Insert a thumb drive into the USB port under the right part of the screen

STEP 2: Save your work with the EXPORT function

*When you check your thumb drive, you will find a .pdf file, .iwb file for the extension.
DO NOT DELETE the .iwb file. That is the format that allows you to continue editing the work on the Samsung FLIP

To Import Your Files, You simply need 2 steps. 

STEP 1: To import an item, tap on “Import” at the center top part the screen.

STEP 2: Tap on the USB icon to access your Thumb Drive for work you would like to edit.