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Health & Wellness in Interesting Times: Home

"There is a curse.

 They say:

 May You Live in Interesting Times". Sir Terry Pratchett, 1994.

Interesting times? Hard times? Post-apocalyptic times? You decide, but please believe us when we tell you that you are not alone. 

Stress Level Indicator

Answer ten questions to get an indication of your stress levels. Based on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) by Cohen, Kamarck, and Mermelstein

Stress Management

Ten stress management techniques for students looking at sleep, diet, exercise, and more. From the Verywell Mind website. 

COVID-19 - You Can't Stop the Beat

Cool journal article by Alongkorn Parivudhiphongs about how we turned to music during the pandemic.

Insight Timer (free app)

An app to help you with sleep, anxiety, and stress. With featured events and workshops and more.

Stress & Your Body

The Healthline website outlines the effects of stress on your body in a neat infographic with additional explanations.

Six Wellness Tips

Short article from Pearson on how to take care of yourself, especially during these very stressful times.

Coronavirus Rhapsody

"Mama, I just killed a man. I didn't stay inside in bed. I walked past him, now he's dead..."

Lyrics by Dana Jay Bein.

Kitchen Stories (free app)

Search for recipes based on what ingredients you have, then follow the step-by-step instructions or videos. 

Jigsaw Explorer

Gently swipe away your stress by building a few virtual jigsaw puzzles.

HealthHub on Stress

The Singapore website for information on what happens we feel stressed, as well as causes, symptoms, and management techniques.

Remote Learning Tips

Infobase provides a number of very useful tips for those who are struggling with remote learning, the most important of which is to ask for help!

Help! I Need Somebody

Highlights the importance of music during a pandemic, in terms of "enjoyment, venting negative emotions, and self-connection" (Granot, et al., 2021).

Smiling Mind (free app)

Developed by psychologists and educators to help you practice mindfulness and meditation. 


Play a game to destress, and at the same time help the UN World Food Program donate rice to needy families.


Online Learning Approaches

Another informative article from Pearson, this time suggesting that being proactive, present, and purposeful can help you succeed as an online student. 


Wysa via

To help Singaporeans cope with the "new normal" in a post-pandemic society. Follow the link.

Pop the Bubble Wrap

The best way ever to destress!! If you are in the Library, however, please turn down your sound.

We are concerned about your wellbeing and would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are not alone, and that as an SIT Student you can reach out to...

**** **chatting**  

Counselling Service @ 

  • Helpline 6592 2030 (24/7)

Belle @ Singapore HealthHub 

  • chatbot with links to various services and helplines in Singapore
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Learning to Learn Better (LTLB) @

Library Research Help @

Writing Help @

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