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How to use PubMed

How to retrieve super relevant medical information super fast.

PubMed Advanced Search Screen

PubMed's Advanced Search option:


PubMed Advanced Search Options

PubMed has an Advanced Search option that allows you to BUILD a query:

  • search for terms in a specific field
    • select the field you need from the drop down menu, enter your keyword, and then select the ADD button to add the result with the appropriate Booleans to the Query box
    • once you have added what you need to the Query box, you can select the Search button to run your search
  • build large, complex search strings
    • e.g. (((brown[Author])) AND (low back pain[MeSH Terms]) ) AND (English[Language])
  • combine searches from your search history
    • enter your search term #1 and then ADD to the Query box. Enter the next search term #2 and add to the Query box with the appropriate Boolean. Select the Search button when your search terms in the Query box, e.g. (#1) AND (#2)


building blocks


‚ÄčYou can also see exactly how each query is translated by PubMed, and compare the number of results for different queries.

For more detail, see