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Video Production Guide

Tools and tips to making videos on both IOS and Android phones

Gener8 Media Studio

Gener8 Media Studio Video Guides

How to use the Teleprompter

Prepare your script before filming. You may transfer your script via Airdrop from other devices or download your script directly from the iPad. 

Video edited by: Ryan Chua Jun Xiang, Physiotherapy

Self Recording Booth

DV-USC-MR3A is  equipped with a variety of backdrops for your video conference interviewing needs. You may also use different backgrounds for self-portrait photography. SIT Students can book the room via Resource Booking System. SIT Staff may email to the Library for bookings. 

Editing Suites

User Guidelines

Library Media and Facility Acceptable Use Guidelines

The Gener8 Media Studio of SIT (“Studio”), including but not limited to the media equipment, facility and other resources available at or accessible via the Studio (collectively referred to as “Facility”),  exists to support all SIT students, staff and alumni (herein referred to as “Member”) in their creativity and expression within the boundaries of Singapore Law and other applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies. Certain responsibilities accompany this privilege.

Each Member is liable and responsible for any content produced by him/her using the Facility, regardless of whether the Member is a content producer and/or sponsor.   

It is the responsibility of each Member to familiarise him/herself with and avoid violating any prevailing laws, rules, regulations and policies of Singapore, including but not limited to the:

and any stipulated rules, regulations and policies of SIT. In addition to compliance with the aforesaid laws, rules, regulations and policies, each Member is expected to fully comply with Library Media and Facility Acceptable Use Guidelines and, by borrowing and/or using the Studio and the Facility, Members agree to fully comply with and be bound by this Guidelines. This Guidelines intend to supplement and augment but not supersede, inter alia, any laws, rules, regulations, policies, contractual obligations, codes of conduct or duties of confidentiality/privacy to which a Member may be subject. SIT reserves the right to amend the Guidelines at any time with or without prior notice.  By continuing the borrowing or using of the Facility, Members agree to comply with and be bound by the most updated version of the Guidelines.