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Getting Started With OneSearch

Your guide to using SIT Library OneSearch discovery tool

1. Availability of a Resource

a. The availability of a resource is indicated by either the phrase "Available at..", "Available Online" or "Request It".

b. For a resource that is available at more than one collection e.g. Course Reserve, Short Loan, you will see multiple versions.


c. To find out what resources are not available from the Library, please check the box "Expand My Results" on the left panel 

     in the results page. If the resource is not available from the Library, you will see a "Request It" link.


2. Permalink of a resource

You can either copy the permalink of a resource to a document or email it to yourself/group mates. All you have to do is to select the permalink icon as shown below and either copy the permalink to a document or email it out.



3. Citations

If the record of the source you are citing is available in the Library's OneSearch, you may click on the Citation option (Quotation mark icon) at the item record level to show a list of citations for that item record in major referencing formats like APA, Chicago and MLA.

Alternatively, you can export a single citation from the item record view by selecting ENDNOTE or Export RIS. To export multiple citations in one-go, "Pin" the records and then go to the pin folder, select all the required article and then click the ENDNOTE or Export RIS option at top menu.


4. Pinning items from your search

Question:   What does pinning an item mean?

Answer:      (a) If you have not logged into your library account, pinning an item means setting it aside for later use e.g. to copy the permalink or to copy the citation to a document during a search session. After your search session has ended, your pinned items would be lost as you have not saved them into your library account yet.

                    (b) If you have logged into your library account, pinning an item means that you have saved the pinned items as your favourites.


Question:      How do I pin an item?