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Getting Started With OneSearch

Your guide to using SIT Library OneSearch discovery tool


SIT Library's OneSearch resource discovery tool functions as a one-stop place for faculty, students and staff to search and access the library's print, electronic and digital collections.



Accessing OneSearch

1. When should I use OneSearch?

​​If you have a research topic but do not know where to start, then OneSearch is a good starting point. Since it searches across multiple resources, it will retrieve books, articles etc that best match the keywords you have used in your search.

2. When should I not use OneSearch?

If you are looking for news articles, the best resource will be the news database that the library subscribes to. If you wish to use the unique features (e.g. cited references, times cited) of the native database, then you should search the database directly. Click here to access a specific subject database or a news database.

3. How do I access OneSearch?

You can access OneSearch via the Library Home Page anytime anywhere on any device (iPad/Android Pad, iPhone/Android/Windows). Alternatively, you could also access OneSearch via the library links in the SIT homepage as shown below.