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Resource Guide for Careers, Job Search and Resumes

Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) is a distinctive feature of SIT's degree programmes. It provides students the opportunity to undertake real work, allowing you to integrate theory and practice and develop deep specialist skills in your chosen field. Other than the required technical competency for the job requirements, it is important that students prepare themselves with other relevant soft skills and background knowledge for the chosen field. Students should familiarize themselves with resources like Handbooks, Manuals, Standards, Patents, Reports, Regulations and Guidelines to assist you in your IWSP.

What is Technical Report

Technical or scientific reports describe the progress or results of scientific or technical research and development. They are often published by government agencies. Publication and dissemination of technical reports has never been centrally coordinated; therefore, they can be particularly difficult to identify and locate. Technical reports usually appear as part of a numbered series from the issuing agency. These numbers are important and are often the easiest way to find a specific report or document. Each agency has its own numbering system, however technical report number systems follow some common forms.

Technical Reports