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The Ngee Ann Kongsi Library

The Library: Helping you Discover, Connect and Innovate

Physical Materials

Borrow Library items

1. Visit SIT Library OneSearch at

2. Search the item and take note of the Call Number 

3. Enter the collection area through the tripod turnstile gate.

4. Locate the item from the shelf by Call Number.

5. Position your face in front of the Facial Recognition (FR) Device

Alternatively, you may tap SIT card if:

  • You prefer not to use Facial Recognition
  • FR device is unable to identify you.

6. Stand on the foot print and pay attention to the instructions on the screen to your right.

If you need assistance, scan the QR code next to the intercom to talk to us or call Library staff at 6592-1215.

7. Exit the FR lane. Please look out for swinging doors and do not loiter near them.

Note: The due date can be checked from your Library Account.

Quick Guide - The FR Borrowing Guide on how to use this service. 

Video Demonstration


Terms of Use

By using Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) for borrowing Library materials, you acknowledge that:

  • An image of your face will be captured for biometric verification.
  • FRT may incorrectly recognize faces that may be similar to yours.
  • Data relating to your face will be logged by FRT if facial recognition fails.
  • If you do not wish to use FRT for borrowing, please use your SIT card or contact Library staff for assistance.

Return Library items

1. Via the Return Kiosk next to FR lane: place the item(s) on the reader pad to return, and then leave them on the trolley next to the Kiosk.

2. Via the Book Return Bin outside the Library.

Loanable Equipment

Book a Media Equipment

1. Click Equipment under the OneSearch toolbar.

Alternatively, you may browse the bookable items via the Library websiteLoanable Technology tab.

2. Click on BROWSE AND BOOK.

3. Select an equipment. 

4. Sign in with your SIT credential.

5. Click Reserve/Book It.

6. Fill up the booking information, then click SEND REQUEST.

7. Successful booking message will be prompted.


Collect the booked Media Equipment 

Return the Media Equipment