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Robots @ SIT

Get hold of one of the available Robots at SIT Library and start your robotics journey today!

Robots For Loan

You can book and loan the robot for 5 days and renewable upon email request to the Library.


The Library provides the loan service and learning resources for 3 kinds of robots: Finch, Lego EV3 and Yanshee.

While the library does not teach robotic programming, we have prepared different guides to help you in this self-learning journey. Each robot guide contains interesting projects, suitable for beginners to pick up and understand robotics better. 

You do not need programming experience to start playing with these robots! Click the robot below to start your robotics and AI journey with us.


Finch Robot Lego Mindstorms EV3 Yanshee

Which robot to choose?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the robot need to perform human-like tasks or AI functions? If Yes, pick Yanshee.
  2. Does the Robot need to perform mechanical function? If Yes, pick Lego Mindstorms.
  3. Are you a new in using programming a robot and wanting to know how to get it to perform precise movement based on motion and obstacle sensors, set light signage to respond to specific instructions or behaviours? If Yes, Finch and Lego Mindstorms are your best choices
  4. Do you want to build your robot from scratch to suit your own specific needs?  If Yes, pick Lego Mindstorms.

Robot Loan & Usage Policy

Loan Policy

  • All SIT Staff and Students are allowed to borrow these robots. 
  • Loaning of the robots are by booking. Users shall book the robot THREE (3) days in advance to allow library staff to charge and prepare the robots.
  • Loaning of robots are by sets. Users checkout the full set of robot including accessories AND must be responsible to return the full set. Lost and damaged parts or accessories may result fines.
  • Depending on the value of the parts. Users shall be responsible to return the robot on time. Late return will incur fines.


Robot Usage Policy

  • Some robots contain AI functions for face recognition and voice recognition. The robot’s operation system and the facial recognition library are in compliance with PDPA. However, the Library robots are shared by all SIT users, users shall not store any personal data in the robot operating systems. Applications and their data must be exported after each use and be deleted from the robot operating system. The Library shall not be responsible for any data lost or leak from the robot.
  • Users shall not disassemble the robots. If the borrowed robot is not functioning properly, the user shall immediately contact the library. Disassemble the robots will be considered damaged and may incur charges to the borrower.
  • Use the robot indoors and on a dry, clean and even surface. Motors and joints are easily damaged if dust or water goes in.
  • If using the robot on a table, ensure there is enough space for the robot’s movements. 
  • The robot is purely for learning. It shall not be programmed for high-risk usages such as collision, heavy-duty, or use in special environments such as underwater.
  • The user shall power the robots only using the charger in the package.