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Open Researcher and Contributor ID

Add Works to Your ORCID Profile

You can add any of your research outputs, including publications, dataset and more to your ORCID record via one of the options below:

  1. Add works using the search and link wizard
  2. Importing works from a BibTeX file
  3. Add works using an identifier, or
  4. Add manually

Ways to Add Your Works

Use the Search and Link wizard to import your publications and other works to your ORCID record from other databases. This is the recommended process because it reduces or eliminates errors, and enables a reliable connection between your ORCID iD and your works. It also allows the addition of contributor information, which is not possible via other methods.

  • Click "+Add" in the Works section, then select "Search & link".

  • Select the platform from the list that you want to use to import your works, such as Scopus - Elsevier.

  • Authorise the platform to access your ORCID record.

  • You will then be taken to the platform's website to select the works that you want to add to your ORCID record.

Using the BibTeX import tool, you can import a BibTeX file of your works from platforms that do not have a connection with ORCID. BibTeX files can be exported from Google Scholar and citation management tools such as EndNote and Mendeley.

  • Click "+Add" in the Works section, then select "Add BibTeX"

  • Click “Choose BibTeX file to import” to open the BibTeX (.bib) file you want to import.

  • The publications from the file will appear in a list. Select the works that you want to import to your record. 

You can add a work using DOI or PubMed ID.

  • Clicking "+ Add" in the Works section, then select "Add DOI" or " Add PubMed ID".

  • Enter the identifier of the work that you want to add.

  • The Work details will be pre-populated with the work’s metadata. You may edit any fields before adding this work to your ORCID record.

While it is possible to add works manually, it is not recommended. Try using other methods before adding your work manually.

  • Click "+Add" in the Works section, then select "Add manually", and a blank form will appear for you to enter the metadata for your work.

  • After you have completed the form, click "Save changes".

Auto-Updates in Third-Party Systems

Besides adding works using the Crossref Metadata Search via the Search & Link wizard (no-auto-update), Crossref has an auto-update system which uses the ORCID Inbox to send auto-update requests. The request is sent to your ORCID Inbox after a publisher submits a new work to Crossref with your ORCID iD. After you grant Crossref the permission to access your ORCID record, it will update your record automatically whenever a new work associated with your ORCID iD is added to Crossref.

Similar to Crossref, you can add works from DataCite via the Search & Link wizard or enable their auto-update feature in your personal DataCite profile.

Get the ORCID Token to allow DataCite to update your ORCID record.

Once it is enabled, whenever a data center submits a new work to DataCite which has your ORCID iD embedded in the work metadata, DataCite will automatically add it to your ORCID record.

The Web of Science ResearcherID is now on Publons.  You can synchronise the publications in your Publons profile with your ORCID record and export verified peer review records from Publons to ORCID.

  • After you login to Publons, click "Account" under Settings. Then, "connect" to ORCID and authorise Clarivate to access your ORCID record.

  • To set up the syncronisation between Publons and ORCID, click "Permissions" under Settings. Check the box "Keep my publication list up to date with my ORCID record" to import your publications from ORCID to Publons automatically. 

  • On the same page, grant Publons permissions to update your ORCID works.

  • You will be given the options to export your publications and peer reviews to your ORCID record.

Once the options are enabled, any new publications added to your Publons profile will automatically be exported to your ORCID record, and vice versa.

Verified review added to your Publons profile will automatically be exported to your ORCID record every two weeks.