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Open Researcher and Contributor ID

Enrich Your ORCID Record

Enrich your ORCID record after registration, so you can be easily identified by other researchers and organisations. Add your employment history, education and qualifications, honoured positions and membership, etc. And most importantly, add your works.

Update Your ORCID Profile

Click the edit icon (pencil) next to each item to add or edit your personal information.

Add your “other names” that appeared in different published works under "Also known as".

You can also add information about your career and other achievements.

For example, click "+Add" in the  Employment section to add your current and previous employers. Select an option from the prepopulated list whenever possible, because it will help improve the accuracy of data on your record.

You can control the visibility setting for each item added to your record.

Add information about grants, awards, or other types of funding that you have received to support your research.

You can use the DimensionsWizard to import awarded grants from the Dimensions Database. Select "+Add" in the Funding section, then select "Search & link". Authorise DimensionsWizard to access your ORCID record.

Search for the grant by either author name or grant name.