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Open Researcher and Contributor ID

ORCID allows trusted organisations to update your ORCID record. For instance, you can connect your ORCID iD to IRR (Figshare), so that new works that you added to IRR will be updated in your ORCID record automatically.

Connecting Your ORCID Account

Recommend to switch on. This option creates a record in your ORCID account of any items that you publish on IRR (Figshare).

This feature will only kick in for items created after the integration has been performed.


Optional. This will import everything (title only) in your ORCID Works section to the Publications area of your IRR (Figshare) public profile.




Recommend to switch on. After the integration has been performed, any new records in your ORCID Works section will automatically be pulled to IRR (Figshare) as draft metadata records in your My data area, so that you do not have to create metadata records manually.

Note: It is recommended that you use the Search & link wizard to add works to your ORCID record, i.e. importing publication data from other systems/databases (e.g. Crossref, Scopus). This will allow you to populate more complete citation information (e.g. collaborators field) into your ORCID Works.