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SIT Programmes with Overseas University Partners

A one-stop guide on the range of library and information resources available to SIT students taking degrees offered by SIT’s Overseas University partners.

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Q: I am a student enrolled in an OU programme. Am I eligble to borrow books from SIT Library?

A : Students enrolled in OU programmes are expected to use the respective polytechnic library ....

Q: Are OU students allowed to access SIT Library's eResources?

A : Students taking degrees offered by our OU partners enjoy access to their respective OU programme’s e-Library, the affiliated ....

Q. What are the Library opening hours?

A : The SIT Library opening hours are ....

Q. How can you cite a source that you found in another source using APA style?

A : A good written paper reflects your own analysis and interpretations of sources you have read instead of collation of claims, analysis and interpretations of the work done by others. In situation where it was not possible, for example, the stated work is out of print, or unavailable through your usual sources, you may cite as follows ....