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SIT Programmes with Overseas University Partners

A one-stop guide on the range of library and information resources available to SIT students taking degrees offered by SIT’s Overseas University partners.


SIT offers a wide range of programmes offered by Overseas University (OU) partners. Students pursuing the degrees offered by our OU partners may enjoy access to the Library resources as follows, depending on specific programme:

- respective OU Library's resources 

- affiliated Polytechnic Library resources 

- on-site access (@SIT Dover Campus) to SIT Library resources and selective online resources when accessing off site.

This guide explains how you can explore these resources and make the best use of them.

Using SIT Library

Students pursuing the degrees conferred by our OU partners may enjoy remote access to specific databases (click "more" under each database for details) and on-site access to all SIT's licensed e-resources @ SIT@Dover with the campus network. Check out what's available online via the Library OneSearch and access the e-resources when on SIT@Dover campus.

Please email or approach the Library Service Desk for assistance.

Subject Guides