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Engineering Mathematics 1 (ASE1101)

Physics: Motion Dynamics (ASE1102)

Mechanics of Engineering Materials (ASE1103)

Electrical Circuits (ASE1104)

Electrical Devices (ASE1105)

Engineering Mathematics 2 (ASE1206)

Physics : Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics (ASE1207)

Electronic Circuits (ASE1208)

Digital Electronic Instrumentation Systems (ASE1209)

Aircraft Materials 1 (ASE1210)

Fluid Mechanics (ASE1211)

Engineering Mathematics 3 (ASE1312)

Heat Transfer (ASE1313)

Aerodynamics (ASE1314)

Flight Performance (ASE1315)

Engineering Design Graphics (ASE1316)

Aircraft Materials 2 (ASE1317)

Technical Writing and Effective Communication (ASE2205)

Human Factors (ASE2308)