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Reference Managers

Mendeley is a free reference manager that allows you to manage, read, annotate, and cite research papers. It is also functions as an academic social network that allows collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Although a reference manager can make citing your sources sooooo much easier, please remember that the citations generated will not be perfect - you will need to tweak them first. The good news is that tweaking is quicker than starting from scratch!

Steps to get started with Mendeley:

1.) Go to and register to create a free account. Please DO NOT "Sign in via your institution" (Why not?).

  • Mendeley Web = academic social network + online personal research library (guide). The Mendeley Web is mostly for networking - you will be able to view your Library, edit the citations and make annotations, but you will not be able to merge duplicates or generate a reference list from here.

2.) Download and install the Mendeley Desktop (installation guide)

  • Mendeley Desktop = desktop research library where you can merge duplicates, and generate your reference list with a simple drag and drop (guide).

3.)  NEW Reference Manager (download)

  • Reference Manager does everything except generate your Reference list; you will need to use Mendeley Cite instead (guide). Click here to see how to generate your reference list. 

4.) Download and install the Mendeley Web Importer (guide)

  • Mendeley Web Importer = to download online sources into your research libraries 

5.) Download and install the Mendeley Citation plugin (guide) or the new Mendeley Cite (guide)

  • Citation Plugin / Mendeley Cite = insert citations + generate a reference list when using Microsoft Word.

Please note that Mendeley is to be used ONLY to manage papers that you have sourced for your own personal research. You may not share or upload any of these sourced papers with anyone else, or the SIT Library will have to report the infraction. If in doubt, please read the Mendeley Terms of Use 


Help  Mendeley guides, including those for iOS and Android, are available at




Source : Virginia Tech University Libraries

Zotero is a free reference manager that allows you to collect, organize, cite, and share your research resources. 

To download the software, go to the Zotero website (quick start guide).

Citations from the Databases

Often the library databases will provide the citations for you. Look for the following options, for example:

  • cite
  • cite book
  • citation
  • download citation
  • export
  • send to Mendeley



Q: How can you cite a source that you found in another source using APA style?

A : A good written paper reflects your own analysis and interpretations of sources you have read instead of collation of claims, analysis and interpretations of the work done by others. In situation where it was not possible ....

Q: How do you check and de-duplicate citations entries using Mendeley?

A : Mendeley can serve as a quick tool for you to keep track of many results from your different searches and to merge same citations as one. This is especially useful for students needing to complete your PRISMA flow diagram, ....

Q: How do I install referencing styles in Mendeley?

A : By default, Mendeley provides most of the commonly used referencing styles in Mendeley desktop. If you are not able to find the referencing style you required, follow these steps ....

Q: I can't log in to Mendeley Desktop.

A : If you encountered issues logging in to Mendeley Desktop, go to Settings app ( and follow these steps ....