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Online Standards


CIRIA Guidance 

The majority of CIRIA research activities result in best practice publications, many of which have been adopted as the standard for excellence in their respective areas. Click here for free CIRIA publications.

  1. Control of cracking caused by restrained deformation in concrete (C766) This guide provides a method for estimating the magnitude of crack-inducing strain and the risk of cracking at both early age and over the long term. Where cracking is predicted, guidance is provided on the design of reinforcement to control crack widths.
  2. Groundwater control: design and practice (second edition) (C750D) The guide explains the principles and gives practical information for the effective and safe design, installation and operation of such works.
  3. Guidance on embedded retaining wall design (C760) This publication provides good practice guidance on the selection and design of vertical embedded retaining walls to satisfy the requirements of Eurocodes. It covers temporary and permanent cantilever, anchored, single and multi-propped retaining walls that are supported by embedment in soft soils, stiff clays, other competent soils and soft rocks.
  4. Temporary propping of deep excavations - guidance on design (C517) The guidance covers single and multi-propped excavations of varied geometry, flexible and stiff walls, and the range of ground conditions found in the UK. It considers temperature effects, buildability, use of the Observational Method, instrumentation of props, and choice of temporary propping systems.

Print Standards

The Library has a limited number of standards in print. You can search for these print standards via OneSearch using the standard number e.g.NSF/ANSI 49:2014.

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