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SIT Library

SIT Library: Helping you Discover, Connect and Innovate


Service Desk

The Service Desk is located at library entrance. Do approach to our friendly librarians if you require assistance.





Public Computers

There are several computers in the Library available for use. All computers are installed with Microsoft Office. No booking is required.







The library offer a variation of different seating to suit your needs.

Study Carrel

Study Tables


Collaborative Spaces


Computer On Wheels

Need to have group discussion with a screen?  Why not try one of the touch screen Computers-On-Wheels in the Library?   Just wheel it over to where you are seated within the Library and start using it. No booking is required.








Group Discussion Rooms

The Library has 3 discussion rooms.

DR3A (8 pax) with whiteboard and projector.

DR3B (6 pax) with whiteboard and LCD TV.

DR3C (6 pax) with whiteboard and LCD TV.


Booking of the facilities is required and priority is given to students with prior reservations.

Click here to view facility booking instruction.

Anatomage Table

SIT Library is the first library in Singapore to have an Anatomage Table. The Anatomage Table is for students to learn gross anatomy and radiology.

Booking is required and only certified student will be permitted.