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Dietetics & Nutrition

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Diet in the News - What to Believe?

So many people seem to have something to say about nutrition with newspaper articles talking about everything from beetroot and chocolate to popcorn. So whom do we believe? This article from the Chan School of Health at Harvard University provides 7 questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide if you can trust what is written in the news.


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crickets Find more journal articles - Cambridge Journals Online

Wright, O. R. L. (2017). Foodservice management returns: The need to rejuvenate the superhero contribution of dietetics. Nutrition & Dietetics, 74(2), 113–115.
superhero  Find more journal articles - CINAHL Complete

Ong, S.E., Tyagi, S., Lim, J.M., Chia, K.S., & Legido-Quigley, H. (2018). Health systems reforms in Singapore: A qualitative study of key stakeholders, Health Policy, 122(4), 431-443.
Singapore Find more journal articles - ScienceDirect

Flaherty, S.J., McCarthy, M.B., Alan M. Collins, A.M., & McAuliffe, F.M. (2019). A different perspective on consumer engagement: Exploring the experience of using health apps to support healthier food purchasing. Journal of Marketing Management, 35(3-4), 310-337.
healthy foodsFind more journal articles - Taylor & Francis Journals Online 

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