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APA Citation Style 7th Ed. (other styles too)

Author / Editor Date Book Title Publisher URL / DOI

Brown, A.B.

Brown, A.B. (Ed.).

Brown, C.D., & White, T. (Eds.).

Redman, Q., Visser, W., & Lim, Y.Y.

American Psychological Association.



Title of the book.

Title of the book (4th ed., Vol. 4).

Title of the book [Audiobook].


- capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.

Publisher name.

Publisher name; Second publisher name.


- give the publisher name without the words “Publisher” or "Publishing" or "Co" or "Inc".

- no publisher? Use (n.p.). 




- when there is no DOI for works from most library databases, treat the reference as a print work.

Reference List Citation Examples


  • eBook from a library database with a sub-title but no DOI (same as hard copy book citation)
 Bradley, C. (2011). Plagiarism education and prevention: A subject-driven  case-based approach. Chandos.


  • 3rd edition of an eBook with 2 editors and a DOI
 Greenfield, T., & Greener, S. (Eds.). (2016). Research methods for postgraduates (3rd ed.).

  • CHAPTER from the 2nd edition of a book with editors but no DOI
 Hoffman, T., & Tooth, L. (2013). Talking with patients about evidence. In T. Hoffman, S. Bennett, & C. Del Mar (Eds.), Evidence-based practice across the health professions (2nd ed., pp. 328-352). Elsevier.