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APA Citation Style 7th Ed. (other styles too)

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Parts of a Journal Article Citation

Author Date Article Title Journal Title, vol no(issue no), page numbers URL / DOI

Brown, A.B.

Brown, C.D., & White, T.

Redman, Q., Visser, W., & Lim, Y.Y.

American Psychological Association.


- include up to 20 authors. For works with more than 20 authors, include only the first 19 names, an ellipsis and then the final name. 



(in press).

Title of the article.


- capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.

Title of the Journal, 11(6), 7-14.

Title of the Journal, 4, 56-59.

Titles of the Journal, 1(3-4), Article e0209899.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.


- title and volume number in italics, issue number in brackets.

- use caps for the first letters of all words in the title, except for of, an, in, etc.

- if a library database has original, proprietary content and work of limited circulation, then include the database name.




- when there is no DOI for works from most library databases, treat the reference as a print work.

- for a preprint use the preprint number or the DOI with the name of the preprint archive.

Note about Early Access articles:

  • Advance Online Publication - usually peer reviewed but may not be edited or formatted for final production. Also known as Ahead of print.
  • In Press - accepted for publication but not yet assigned to a journal issue so there will be no volume number, issue number, page numbers, or DOI.

Online journal article citation examples

  • journal article from a library database with 1 author & no DOI
 Taylor, R.E. (1935). Pacioli. Accounting Review, 10(2), 168-173. 

  • journal article from the Cochrane database
 Jespersen, K.V., Koenig, J., Jennum, P., & Vuust, P(2015). Music for insomnia in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 

  • online journal article with an Article number
 Timofeeva, E., & Timofeeva, K(2019). Modern recognized methods of working with non-speaking children of early age internationally. SHS Web of Conferences, 70, Article 10008. /20197010008 
  • journal article from a library database with more than 20 authors & a DOI
 Renny, D., Brown, A., Qing, Y.Y., Lim, Y.C., White, P.P., Taylor, R.E., Stirling, A., Lopez, M., Novack, S.S., Mbula, M., Van der Burg, V., Meer, W., Chan, J., Wang, M., Kumar, R., Kumar, S., Patel, R., Winston, V., Fischer, F.,...Horn, M. (2020). Cats prefer music composed for themJournal of Impossible Music, 27(1), 14-107. .02.004


  • journal article, advance online publication
 Zhu, S., Yang, H.H., Wu, D., & Chen, F. (2021). Investigating the relationship between information literacy and social media competence among university studentsJournal of Educational Computing Research. Advance online publication.


  • journal article, preprint archive or institutional repository
 Zhang, H., Wu, C., Xie, J., Lyu, Y., Cai, J,. & Carroll, J.M. (2023). Redefining qualitative analysis in the AI era: Utilizing ChatGPT for efficient thematic analysis. arXiv:2309.10771v1. 


  • journal article, in press
 Hicks, A., Nicholson, K., & Seale, M. (in press). Make me think! Exploring library UX through the lens of (critical) information literacyThe Library Quarterly. 

Magazine Article Citations

MAGAZINE articles are cited in the same way as journal articles, the date is just a bit more detailed...


  • magazine article, with no author or DOI, from a library database 
 Bab Al Qasr: Gateway to the palace. (2020, Autumn). Let's Travel, 63, 24-25. 

  • magazine article, with a subtitle and no DOI, from a library database 
 Gorini, L., & Sigerson, J(2019, June 21). Music and creativity: The lawfulness and beautiful ordering of the universe. Executive Intelligence Review, 46(24), 47-60. 

  • magazine article from a website
 Guillory, J(2020, June 30). Reading anti-racist non-fiction is a start. But don't underestimate the power of Black fiction. Time. 5861861/jasmine-guillory-black-fiction 

Blog Post Citations

BLOG posts are cited in much the same way, just without the volume, issue and page numbers and with a more detailed date. And no DOI..


 Hrynaszkiewicz, I(2020, May 6). What are your priorities for data sharing? The Official PLOS Blog.

Newspaper Article Citations

NEWSPAPER articles are cited in much the same way as a Blog post, except with page numbers for a print copy...


  • newspaper article from the printed version with the page number
 Lee, V(2019, March 24). Cyber bullying can be a threat. The Sunday Times. C5.
  • newspaper article from a library database
 Dongozi, F(2020, July 3). Stakeholders welcome new Information Act. The Herald Zimbabwe

  • newspaper article from a website with no author
 Hong Kong's new security law: Why it scares people. (2020, July 1). BBC News.