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APA Citation Style 6th edition (& other styles too)

Parts of a Video Citation

Parts of a video citation 

  • Author, A. N. – uploader's family name, then initials, if there are any.
  • (date). – year, month day in brackets. No date? Use (n.d.). ​​​
  • Title – in italics; capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.
  • Subtitle – in italics, separate from the title with a colon: Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns. ​​​
  • [description or medium]. – in square brackets.
  • Location – Retrieved from http://...


 Video citation examples

  • video found online
 Singapore Institute of Technology Library. (2019, September). Library  services: Helping you to work smart, save time and ace your  studies [Video file]. Retrieved from https://sitsingaporetechedu


  • video from TED Talks
 Veitch, J. (2015, December). This is what happens when you reply to spam email [Video file]. Retrieved from _veitch_this_is_what_happens_when_you_reply_to_spam_email? referrer=playlist-the_most_popular_talks_of_all


  • video from TED Talks on YouTube
 TED. (2016, February 2). This is what happens when you reply to spam email: James Veitch [Video file]. Retrieved from /watch?v=QdPW8JrYzQ.