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Institutional Research Repository

IRR is a service provided by the Library. This guide provides instructions on how to deposit your data and publications with the university's repository.

Editing Metadata

To be able to quickly find a particular item, the metadata you describe and assign to the item are crucial. Fill in or edit the appropriate fields, be as thorough as possible.

Metadata fields which are mandatory to publish the item are indicated by a green dot (* in this guide) to the right of the field. As you progress through the form on IRR, tips on how to fill out each of the fields will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


Enter the title of your publication, dataset, presentation, etc.

If your dataset is the underlying data of a publication, we recommend that you use this format: Data from: [title of your article].


Add the authors of the work. Authors can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into the correct order. You can also remove yourself as an author if you are uploading on behalf of someone else.

You can add SIT co-authors simply by searching for their names and selecting them from the dropdown.

To add an author who doesn't have an IRR account, select Add author details and enter their First Name, Last Name. Email address (optional), and ORCID (optional).


Select at least one Category. You can search categories by keyword or select from the drop-down menu. You may not find an exact match to your discipline, but choose something similar.

The categories are taken from the Australian Fields of Research (FoR) Classification.


This field corresponds to your Cluster or Division.

If you need to publish the item in another Group, please contact

Item type*

Select the appropriate Item type from the drop-down menu.

A small "i" icon will appear when you mouse over an item type. Click on the icon and you will see a short description to help you decide if the item type is suitable for your data.

Note: If necessary, you can further select the sub-item type for Book editorial, Book review, Magazine article under Sub-Item type field.


Keywords are more specific than the Category and help others to find your work. Add as many keywords as you like. Hit enter after each one.


Add an abstract or meaningful description of the contents of the item. This should include any relevant information that pertains to your research.


If your research is funded by a grant, it can be entered in this field.

When typing in your funder information, IRR will search Dimensions, a grant database, bridging the connection between your research outputs and the funder.

If your funder is not listed in Dimensions, just type the funder information into the field and don't select anything from the drop-down menu.

Resource title & Resource DOI

This is a set of fields that allow you to create a link to a related publication for your deposited item, e.g. the publisher's version of your deposited paper, the publication related to your deposited dataset.

Simply enter the publication title and DOI (e.g. 10.3389/fnagi.2019.00278) into these fields, respectively, and when you publish your item, a title and link to the publication will appear in a box on the right hand side of the public IRR page for your item.



Add any URL links that contain related information to your research outputs, e.g. project websites, study registrations, other publications, etc. You may enter multiple entries.


Apply an appropriate licence to the item. Deposited items in IRR should as open as possible and as closed as necessary, and the licence will determine how others can reuse your content.

We recommend that you choose a Creative Commons or other open licence that allows for wide reuse and suggest a CC-BY-NC 4.0 for datasets and MIT or Apache 2.0 or GPL 3.0+ for code. For more information on which licence to choose, click "what's this?" above the field or check out the Library's Copyright Guide.

If your submission falls under a publisher's copyright policy, or you do not wish to choose an open licence, select In Copyright from the drop-down menu.

If you have questions about licensing and copyright, please contact

Journal/ Conference/ Book title

Enter the source title that your publication is found in. This can be the journal, conference or book title, e.g. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Journal of Frailty, Sarcopenia and Falls.

Publication date

Enter the date of publication, date of document, date of public distribution or year of the work.


Select the version of the publication deposited. Check Sherpa Romeo to determine the proper version that will be allowed to deposit in institutional repository (IRR):

  • Pre-print (pre-peer review version)
  • Post-print (post-peer review version)
  • Published version (publisher PDF)
Rights statement

Published items (publications) often require a specific statement to be included in institutional repository metadata along with a specific version of the publication. Add publisher statement and/or citation as required by the publisher's self-archiving policy.

Publisher statements and policies can be found from Sherpa Romeo or on the publisher's self-archiving (or similar) web page.

To enable reporting on the University's applied research activities, fill in the following metadata fields that apply to your item.

Sub-Item type

Choose the sub-item type for Book editorial, Book review, Magazine article, if applicable.

Corresponding authors

Enter the corresponding author's name for the publication, if applicable.

Project ID

Enter the Project ID associated with your research outputs, if applicable.