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Institutional Research Repository

IRR is a service provided by the Library. This guide provides instructions on how to deposit your data and publications with the university's repository.

Before Uploading

Please read the Terms of Deposit and Terms of Use carefully before uploading the items in the IRR.

You must ensure sharing of any content or metadata is in accordance with the relevant policies as follows:

Select and deposit the appropriate version of the item:

  • For publication, check the publisher's self-archiving policy through Sherpa Romeo tool or check the publisher's website directly. Choose the proper version that will be allowed to deposit in institutional repository (IRR). We recommend that you deposit soonest possible once acceptance of manuscript to ensure the version that can be shared is not lost.

Please contact if you are unsure about what should/shouldn't be uploaded on the IRR.

Creating/Editing Items

Once logged in, you will see the My data page:

  • To create a new record manually, click on + Create a new item and a form will be displayed for you to upload file(s) and enter the metadata fields. At any point of time, you can save the record and come back to edit it at a later time.
  • To edit a record still in draft (e.g. draft record added from ORCID), locate the item in your My data area and click on the title to open the metadata form.
  • To go back and edit a record you have made publicly available (published record), locate the item in your My data area and click on the pencil icon to the far right. Please note, some changes may trigger a new public version.

Once you have finished making your edits, either click Save changes or tick Publish and then click Publish item to publish the record.


Types of Items (Records)

There are three types of items (records) which can be created in IRR:

  1. File(s) associated item: contains single or multiple files
  2. Metadata record only: contains information about the item (work) but no files
  3. Linked file: links to where the item (content/file) have been published elsewhere online

It is possible to change the type at a later date, e.g. to add files to a Metadata record only item.

File(s) associated item is item that contains one or more files:

  • Through My data where you can either drag and drop your file(s) of up to 5GB or click on browse to select your file(s).
  • If you need to upload a single file that is bigger than 5GB or work with large files or bulk upload, you can use the FTP Uploader.
  • If these options do not meet your needs, please contact

Note: You cannot directly upload an entire folder. If you wish to preserve the folder structure, you will need to compress the folder into a zip file. Alternately, you can navigate to a folder, and select all the files which will upload them all as separate files.

You can create a Metadata record only for item that requires to be part of the repository but cannot be uploaded. This could be where the items are:

  • non-digital and not practicable to digitise;
  • highly sensitive in nature;
  • restrictions on open access; or
  • owing to legal and/or contractual obligations, copyright and licences do not permit.

To create a Metadata record only item:

  • Create a new item record or edit a record in the My data area and tick the Metadata record only box at the top of the screen.
  • Enter a Reason. Once the item is published, the reason will be displayed. You can also include contact details, e.g. For more information, please contact [Name] [Email address].

Here is an example of a metadata record in IRR.

Note: Reasons as to why you will not be depositing your final research data must be given in the Data Management Plan for your project.

If your research output (e.g. final research data) is already retained in an external repository, i.e. stored elsewhere online, you can create a Linked file item that directs users to the location. Creating this link in IRR will increase the discovery of your research output.

To create a Linked file item:

  • Create a new item record or edit a record in the My data area and click the Link file button at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the link address. Where possible, the link should be a persistent URL link with a DOI or another type of persistent identifier.

Here is an example of a linked file item in IRR.