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Academic Staff Resources

This guide serves as a one-stop place to resources and library services for Faculty, Professional Officers and Research Staff

Distribute copies of reading materials to students


SIT has a License Agreement with the Copyright Licensing & Administration Society of Singapore (CLASS), which allows copying of works owned by CLASS members. The limits of copying are as follows:

  • one chapter or section;
  • one or more articles of the same subject matter in a collection;
  • one short story or poem in a collection;
  • one case report in a collection of case reports; or
  • 10% or less of pages of an edition of the work.

This limited copying is allowed as long as the making or communication of such copies...

  1. does not exceed the lecturer/tutor and student headcount in any course of instruction
  2. does not pertain to works in respect of which a separate license has been granted by any CLASS member to SIT to make copies or communicate in Singapore.


The limits of copying apply not just to physical photocopying but also to uploading of scanned/digital copies of chapters, articles, reports, etc. to the SIT Learning Management System (LMS). The list of publishers and authors covered under CLASS can be found at

As part of the requirements by CLASS, SIT has to keep records of copies made (including those uploaded to LMS) and to provide these records to CLASS. Click here for more information. 

Use of online materials for educational purpose

Library subscribed eResources

The use of subscribed eResources are subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the license agreements between SIT and the respective publishers. These terms and conditions, as listed in OneSearch, can be found by searching the resource name, then clicking on "Show License" under the resource record. Service providers may have posted on their websites other terms and conditions that you would also need to consider.


Free Online Materials

The Singapore Copyright Act 2021 Section 204 includes a new exception for educational use (e.g. collaborative research, teaching, study) of free online works and recordings. It's required to meet the conditions below: 

- The material is accessible by the Public free of charge using internet 

- Cite and acknowledge the source of the work or recording 

- You do not know that the work or recording constitutes a rights infringement.  

- It is for the purpose of : 

(a)    collaborative research; 
(b)    acts done for the purposes of teaching or study; 
(c)    organising or participating in an exhibition or a competition (whether within an educational institution or at the national or international level).

For communicating a work or a recording of a protected performance, the network of the educational institution is only accessible by staff and students. 

Use of work or protected performance for examination

The Singapore Copyright Act 2021 permits the use of a work or protected performance to do anything for the purposes of an examination, including:

(a) setting the questions;
(b) communicating the questions to the candidates; and
(c) answering the questions.

Email materials to students and upload materials in LMS

Emailing articles to students and uploading a copy of the material to Learning Management System (LMS) may be considered as distribution, which is a right reserved by the copyright owner. It would be a better choice to provide links to the materials instead, including both subscribed resources by the Library and free internet resources, where possible.  


Film screening

Film Screening in class

Instructors can screen films to classes, but should take note of any age restrictions. 

The film titles rated R21 or relevant unclassified films are allowed for viewing only during lectures or tutorials in the presence of an SIT employed instructor within premises managed by SIT. The location of viewing must be an area that is enclosed (like a room), so no part of the film is visible to any person outside the area. 


Public Performance Right 

Public Performance Rights are required for the following scenarios:

  • film screening/video streaming open to the public
  • clubs & society activities
  • leisure/recreational viewing of movies

To obtain the Public Performance Rights, you can contact the copyright holder or the distributor.

Video Streaming

Educational Screenings of Netflix Documentaries

Some Netflix Original educational documentaries are available for one-time educational screenings, e.g. in the classroom, at a meeting of a community group, for a book club, etc. Visit here to find out which titles are available for educational screenings, and click here for terms and conditions.


Library's subscribed e-resources

SIT students and staff can use the subscribed eResources for educational purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • streaming video from subscribed databases in the class
  • using the subscribed videos for learning both on and off campus.

Embed a clip from a movie/video in teaching material

In general, the Library's subscribed eResources allow embedding of video clips in teaching materials for educational purposes. 

Instructors can also embed a short clip from a CD or DVD into their presentations for the purpose of criticism or review, as long as the source is properly acknowledged. Under Singapore copyright law, If the educational institution conducts film-making courses, and the video is made in the course of instruction or preparation for instruction, there is no copyright infringement.

[Source: Copyright Infosheet - Copyright for Educators]