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A gateway to discover the eBook collections at the Library


VitalSource is an eTextbook platform providing access to more than 1 million titles from over 1,000 educational content providers. Currently, SIT community has access to nearly 140 eTextbooks covering a wide range of subjects published by Pearson, Wiley, Cengage, McGraw Hill, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Cambridge University Press via this platform.

Access Information

No. of Concurrent Users: Depending on whether the title is a prescribed text and usage. The number of users is indicated next to the access URL on the catalogue record.

Online Reading: Supported.

Print Limit: The number of pages may vary depending on individual publisher-specified limits. It varies from 2 pages to 10 pages. Click    icon to find out the number of pages allowed to be printed at a time.

Offline Download: Yes via VitaSource Bookshelf

Loan Period: 1 day.

How to download selected e-book

1. Go to the VitalSource website.

2. Login SIT account.

3. You can choose to turn off for Analytics Cookies, then “Save” to continues.
If you choose “Opt Out of All Cookies” then “Yes, Opt Out” the above screen will be prompted again.
4. You can either create/logon to your personal account to read offline or click “No thanks, I’ll skip this step”.
Read offline with Personal Account
To read offline or loan the book for 24hrs, using VitalSource Bookshelf and login to personal account. Please note there is an option to browse all the ebooks subscribed by the Library via devices.
Read on web browser without Personal Account
After you have accepted the terms and conditions, you should be able to read the e-book with web browser.
5. Browse or search by typing relevant keyword(s) in the search box.
6. Mouseover the book cover "Book Details" icon or you can click on “Borrow” to launch the e-book.
If a e-book is in use and not available, message below will appear at the title. Please try to access the book again later.
7. After “Borrow”, click on pop out "Open book" on the top right corner to read.
8. Click on “Home” icon once you have finished reading.
And “Return” the title so that the e-book can be released to another user.


Q: Can I bookmark or highlight?

Making and Sharing Notes and Highlights