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Research Data Management

This guide contains resources for learning about best practices in research data management.

DMP Question 5a

Who will have the right to access the data during the project? (e.g. SIT community, restricted to only project team)


  • Specify who will have rights to access the data during the project, e.g. SIT community, restricted to only project team etc.
  • Consider and state the copyright ownership, consent agreement from subjects, data sharing agreements or any other agreements with external collaborators and parties, e.g. non-disclosure or proprietary use of the data that led to the decision of who shall have rights of access.
  • Check the agreement(s) signed with collaborating partner(s) and publisher(s) where relevant.

DMP Question 5b

Who will hold the intellectual property rights for the data? (e.g. SIT, Funding Agencies or Company)


  • Refer to the signed agreement with collaborating partner. State who will own the copyright and intellectual property right. Will your research data be published in a journal that requires all underlying data to be made available?

DMP Question 5c

SIT expects the final research data to be made available for access and re-use where possible.

Will there be any restrictions to access and share the final research data? Please provide details if so.

☐ Yes, details (e.g. restricted to SIT community only, embargo for patent application): ______________________________

☐ No


  • Specify the embargo if any, and the limitations on re-use, redistribution, commercial use if any, if allowed to share. Restrictions could be in the form of tech non-disclosure signed between PI and industry collaborators filing for IP.