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Research Data Management

This guide contains resources for learning about best practices in research data management.

DMP Question 3a

Check the relevant file format(s) that you will be using (you may choose more than one). Non-proprietary (open) file format is recommended to improve accessibility:

☐ .docx

☐ .jpeg, .jpg

☐ .mp4

☐ .rtf

☐ .txt

☐ .xlsx

☐ Others, please specify __________


  • Outline and justify your chosen format and consider the implications of data format and data volumes in terms of storage, backup and access.

DMP Question 3b

What software(s) and/or tool(s) is/are needed to process/read the file(s)?

DMP Question 3c

Where can this/these software(s) and/or tool(s) be obtained? For specific and hard to obtain software and where license permits, please archive a copy of the software in SIT Institutional Research Repository.

DMP Question 3d

How will you prepare your data for long-term preservation (e.g. format conversion)? Does it require specific software or tools for data access?


  • Good long-term preservation measure ensures that the data collected can be re-used for future research by yourself and other researchers, and compliance with SIT requirement to store your research data for a minimum of 10 years.