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Research Data Management

This guide contains resources for learning about best practices in research data management.

DMP Question 4a

Is your data sensitive? (e.g. personal identifiable information, health protected data, proprietary data)

☐ No

☐ Yes. Please state the type of sensitive data in your research.


According to Australian National Data Service (ANDS):

  • Sensitive Data are data that can be used to identify an individual, species, object, process, or location that introduces a risk of discrimination, harm, or unwanted attention. Major, familiar categories of sensitive data are:

Sensitive data is not only limited to personal data, it can be proprietary data and other restricted or confidential data that is protected from unauthorised access.

If personal data will be collected, use or disclosed, individual’s knowledge and consent are required according to Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

DMP Question 4b

If data is sensitive, how will you be securing, managing and using it? (e.g. anonymisation, encryption, access control)


  • State the appropriate security measures that you will be taking for the sensitive data.
  • If you are carrying out research involving human participants, you must also ensure that consent is sought to allow data to be shared and reused.
  • Describe how to protect the identity of participants if required (e.g. via anonymisation).