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Research Data Management

This guide contains resources for learning about best practices in research data management.

DMP Question 9a

SIT requires you to store your research data* for a minimum of 10 years. Full access and control of the data must be granted to Associate/Assistant Provost (Applied Research) or delegate.

(i) Where and how the working research data (physical and digital copies) will be stored during and after the project?

(ii) State the retention period for the data if different from 10 years and reasons.

     __________ years

     Reasons (e.g. due to contractual obligation and details): ______________________________

* Research data refers to data in whatever format or form collected, observed, generated, created and obtained during the entire course of a research project.


  • Consider the data type and sensitivity, and describe the platforms/devices where each type of data will be stored, and the location of this platform/device including the URL of the  online location where applicable.
  • Consider SIT Research and Data related policies.


  • I will be using a networked storage drive XXX, which is a storage for active data for all research staff and students. It is fully backed-up, secure, resilient, and has multi-site storage. It is accessible via VPN (Virtual Private Network) from outside the University.
  • The data will be stored locally on a secure password-protected data server. One set of hard drives and one set of tapes will be stored in XXX building. A second set of hard drives and a second set of tapes will be stored at a XXX building.
  • The data (on staff computers and the web server) will be managed according to the standard practices of the college’s IT department and will be password protected. Any restricted, non-public data will be stored on CRADC (Cornell Restricted Access Data Center).
  • The data will be stored on SIT XXX SharePoint site. The data is automatically backed-up by CIT.

DMP Question 9b

Where will you be depositing the final research data** after the completion of your research project? (You may choose more than one)

I will be depositing my data in:

☐ SIT Institutional Research Repository / Library (This resource will be made available for final research data storage)

☐ An external recognised open access Data Repository

    Name of the Repository: ______________________________

    URL of Repository: ____________________________________

☐ Special facilities with permission to be granted by Associate/ Assistant Provost (Applied Research)

    A declaration of where the data resides is required to be registered with SIT Institutional Research Repository.

    Approval on <date><date> and reflected as restricted entry in SIT Institutional Research Repository.

** Final Research data refers to the final dataset. It is a collection of final version of data that exists during the last stage in the data lifecycle in which all re-workings and manipulations of the data by the researcher have ceased.


  • Use the SIT Institutional Research Repository to store and preserve the final version of your final research data.
  • An international list of data repositories is available via re3data.