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Research Data Management

This guide contains resources for learning about best practices in research data management.

DMP Question 8

What backup and versioning control procedures will you be undertaking?


  • Describe the backup and archiving regime you will use to back up all your data to prevent its loss, e.g. due to hard disk failure, virus infection or theft.
  • Describe the method you will use to ensure that different versions of your data are identifiable and properly controlled and used.
  • How will the data be backed up? i.e. how often, to where, how many copies, is it automated?
  • Provide names of the people and their Division who will be performing the data backup roles.


  • We will adopt and use the version control standards recommended by University of Leicester for the transcripts of the interviews and coding in terms of changes the research team has made to the files.
  • We will be using Mercurial, a free, distributed source control management tool to manage the data, so that the data would easily be identifiable and properly controlled and used.
  • All data will be backed up manually on monthly basis by researcher xxx on a computer hard drive kept at the research team office. The computer will be password protected and only team members will be given the password and right to access the computer. Incremental back-ups will be performed nightly and full back-ups will be performed monthly. Versions of the file that have been revised due to errors/updates will be retained in an archive system. A revision history document will describe the revisions made.