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Robots @ SIT

Get hold of one of the available Robots at SIT Library and start your robotics journey today!


Finch features

2 & 3 - The Beak LED and Tail LEDs have 3 tiny light elements inside each of their lights, with the red, green and blue colours.

4 - The LED array on the micro:bit has a 5x5 grid with 25 tiny lights. The Finch can be programmed to light up the array in any pattern coded by the user.

5 - The finch can produce musical notes through the buzzer with a MIDI number of between 32 and 135.

6 - Any marker can be inserted through the marker holder area with its tip facing down; this allows the Finch to draw images depending on what it was programmed to draw.



1 - The wheel encoders on each wheel measure in wheel rotations how much distance has its corresponding wheel travelled.

2 - Sensors at the bottom of the Finch that give it line tracking capabilities.

3 - Detects how far an object is from the Finch. It can measure distances of up to ~275cm.

4 - Detects the intensity of the surrounding light near the sensor.

5 - Detects the orientation of where the Finch is facing relative to the North Pole

6 - Detects the orientation of the Finch in space; whether it is upside down or upright, or if its beak is facing upwards or otherwise