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Robots @ SIT

Get hold of one of the available Robots at SIT Library and start your robotics journey today!

About the Finch

The Finch Robot was created at Carnegie Mellon University as part of a research program that aimed to create tools that improved motivation and interest in studying STEM. The hands-on, interactive nature of the Finch Robot engaged students who may have felt computer science, with its solitary sitting and looking at a screen reputation, was not for them.

The possibilities of using the Finch are endless - from line tracking to detecting obstacles, drawing images to playing music, and making light shows to navigating through mazes.

Finch can ...

Responses to light, temperature and obstacles.
Able to perform precise movements, drawing, drawing, acceleration, LED display and emoticon interaction.
Uses with
  • Block
  • Python
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

Navigating the Finch Robot Guide Section

This section will guide you on how to use Python and Snap! Programming languages to program and control the Finch!

There will be sample codes provided at the end of each page to aid the Finch users in understanding the outcome of their codes.

Learning Applications - Finch

Below are some videos capturing the possible algorithms you can programme the Finch Robot to do. The Finch Robot comes with many built-in sensors like accelerometer, obstacle sensors, light sensors, Precise Movement, line tracking, radio transmission that will give you hands-on opportunities to try out robotic programming with real-life applications.

Recursion helps you break down a more complex problem into a simple step towards the solution. We can then repeat this process, taking the same step towards the solution each time, until we reach a version of our problem with a very simple solution. Understanding the essence of recursive and applying it iteratively in problem-solving can help you become a good programmer.

Below is a video showing a programmed Finch using the Koch fractal algorithm to draw fractals of different orders.