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Robots @ SIT

Get hold of one of the available Robots at SIT Library and start your robotics journey today!


EV3 Brick
  • Acts like a mini computer to compile and execute instructions.

  • Infra sensor, Colour sensor, Touch sensor, Ultrasonic sensor
  • Sensors can be easily programmable and set to detect changes in the environment. The robot will be able to perform movements under the different conditional statements.
45509 EV3 Infrared Seeker 45506 EV3 Colour/Light Sensor 45507 EV3 Touch Sensor EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor
Infrared Sensor Colour Sensor Touch Sensor Ultrasonic Sensor


Motors (Actuators)
  • Motors that enables the robot to move, rotate and perform precise robotic movements
EV3 Large Servo Motor 45503 EV3 Medium Servo Motor
Large and Medium Actuators